our consult

I was very relieved to finally hear from Dr. Derman’s office (Princeton IVF) a few weeks ago just after I got back from a trip out of town. The office manager had already talked to my insurance company for me, and it looked like we were good to go after a quick call to them from me. Once we both pulled out our calendars, I was preparing myself for a wait of a few months, trying not to get too disappointed to have to wait some more. But for once, things worked out well! They had had a cancelation if I could come in the next morning. It was actually nice to not have time to get myself freaked out about the appointment.

Meeting Dr. Derman was a nice relief too, I instantly felt at ease with him. We went over my medical history fairly quickly since there wasn’t much there, and he explained the initial plan: I would get some bloodwork taken care of today, then come back in a few days for the day 20 progesterone levels. We would check with R’s insurance to take care his semen analysis, and I’d call back on CD1 to schedule my day 3 bloodwork and the HSG. Once everything was done, we would meet again to develop our game plan.

So the initial bloodwork is done (all 13 vials!), and so is my first progesterone level. The nurse who called said it was “low” and that I “probably didn’t ovulate” that cycle. I didn’t think enough at the time to ask for numbers or anything, so I’ll have to try to get that later. I’m not sure if I am worried about this or not, my cycle length has been consistently inconsistent so maybe it was just the wrong day to check. R has his SA tomorrow morning, and I’ll hopefully be at CD1 at the end of this week so we can schedule everything else.

We’ll see how it goes.


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