more waiting

R had his SA earlier in the week, (but for his privacy, his results are in this password-protected version of the post.  email me if you are interested in the results and need the password)

I had more bloodwork done this morning (CD2) and Dr. Derman gave me those results too when he called with R’s: FSH was 2.3 (“ok”) and E2 was 81, which he said was a little high and could raise the FSH level I guess. Not quite sure what exactly all that means, but Dr. Google will help, I’m sure. He wants to retest next cycle and see if the estrogen is still that high. And I was able to schedule my HSG for the end of the month, so that’s another thing checked off the list. Does it count as a check if it’s scheduled but not completed?

So now we wait some more. I hadn’t used my OPKs the last two cycles because we were taking a break from trying. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in NASAs Reduced Gravity Education program and flew on the “vomit comet” at the end of July, and they don’t let you fly (or give you the awesome drugs to prevent motion sickness) if you’re knocked up, so we put everything on hold. So maybe I’ll bust the OPKs back out this cycle since we won’t be doing anything else yet. Might as well, the cabinet is still full of them. I was hoping we would be starting treatments this cycle, but maybe it’ll be better to get the school year started before getting too crazy. I guess well just have to wait and see.


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