almost done with baseline testing

Things have kind of been on hold for the last few weeks. I went for my HSG on 8/31 and, thankfully, everything looked good. I was so anxious for the test, I think part of it was because I would be seeing the results at the same time as the doc. It wasn’t as bad as I expected though. I think the worst part was the doc was late since roads into town were still closed after Irene and traffic was horrible.

It wasn’t any worse than my annual exams. I took some tylenol before hand just in case. There was some slight pain for a few seconds at one point, but it was more just awkward/uncomfortable. I had some cramping that afternoon and spotting for a few days, but I would have been ok to go back to work that afternoon if I needed to. I wasn’t entirely sure what we looking at on the screen, but they said both tubes were clear and my uterus looked good.

So now we’re back to just a little more waiting. I have to go back to redo my CD3 bloodwork, hopefully in the next week or so. R has been working midnights this week, so he hasn’t been able to get to the clinic during the hours they do SAs, so we’re hoping to take care of that soon too. Then we’ll see what we’re dealing with.


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