yeah, no creative title this time around

We finally managed to make our appointment with Dr. Derman. And of course, having this date is causing me to continue to freak out. I know, surprise, surprise.
Concern #1: we were always told that our meeting after testing finished would be with the office’s physician’s assistant, but the secretary that called said we are meeting with the big man himself. Of course my mind jumps to assuming this is because we are just that messed up.
Concern #2: the secretary said we were covered by insurance for four IUIs or IVFs in my lifetime. I find it hard to believe that they will really give us a choice like that. But I am even more freaked out by having an actual limit. What if four isn’t enough?
Concern #3: I finally looked up my clinic’s success rates. For IVF for women my age, the odds of pregnancy are 31%. Live births are slightly lower than that. 31 fucking percent. Need I say more?
Concern #4 to #whatever: I’ve got a million questions going through my mind right now and I’m afraid I’ll forget an important one. Writing things down only works if I don’t lose the paper.


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