Resolve and Redbook had a twitter thing today (I hate to admit as much as I love tech I still haven’t gotten into the whole twitter-verse) that I was checking out this afternoon.  I wanted to save/share (if anyone is reading) some of my favorite quotes…

Dear America, please STOP asking couples “when are you going to have kids?” It’s not cute. It’s invasive.
I mourn daily for the absence of a person who doesn’t exist yet.
You know someone who battles #infertility. I promise you that. There are too many of us.
Its a struggle everyday and the reminders of your failure is everywhere.
Most importantly, NEVER give up hope. Your someday baby is worth it, you will be a better parent for it!
I’m not ashamed of how I conceived my daughter. She’s never going to question how much she was Wanted and Loved.
Eventually I got to a place where I could say (and mean it), “I can be happy for you and sad for me at the same time.”
“Just relax” implies I did something wrong. Don’t blame me – blame nature!

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