we have a plan!

i’m so glad that’s over.  i’ve been sleeping like crap all week.  woke up nauseous this morning (hmmmm…..just like last time i had to see the doc).  i just couldn’t take the not knowing anymore.

and i don’t have to.  we know.

official diagnosis:

  • mfi.  low motility and morph, kind of low count, but all workable
  • some ovulation problems, but i am ovulating

possible diagnosis:

  • he suspects pcos, but can’t confirm with current symptoms/test results.  suspects that i will get gestational diabetes, which he says would confirm
  • (interesting side note: when i mentioned this to my mom, she said she had both pcos and gd – although no problem getting pregnant.  i knew she had two miscarriages.)

the plan (although my notes are ALL over the place)

  • moving right to ivf with icsi
  • i should get my period around halloween
  • call in on CD1, set up appointments for injectables lesson, a uterine biopsy(not diagnostic, but helps them stick?), and sonohistogram
  • on CD20, start lurpon and birth control pills
  • menapur, not gonal f
  • progesterone suppositories instead of shots (which led to one of the strangest conversations R and i have ever had)
  • ER would be on a monday
  • they prefer to do 5 day transfers, so that would make it a friday (which means only missing one day of work for bed rest instead of two)

other stuff i don’t want to forget:

  • nothing to indicate any egg quality issues
  • he estimates a 55-60% chance of success for us!!!!  most cases like us only take one cycle
  • most likely will transfer back two
  • 33% chance of twins, which we can accept
  • won’t impact our travel plans for thanksgiving
  • they bill out to aetna as a package deal, so there will only be one copay from my next appointment until i am transferred back to the ob, or we have to start over

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