my future to do list

i talked to the pharmacy today to set up my account with them, and the lovely lady on the phone was willing to read me off the list of drugs since i missed a few in my notes the other day.

(Note: updated 10/29 with more info from meds)

  1. lupron: an injectable that will turn off normal ovulation.  bonus – also can treat my prostate cancer or precocious puberty.  (leuprolide, 28 days worth)
  2. pregnyl: the hCG trigger shot.  fun fact – made from the urine of pregnant ladies.  just what i want to shoot up with!
  3. endometrin: progesterone suppositories instead of shots.  not looking forward to this one.  (21 days worth, 3/day?)
  4. doxycycline: an antibiotic.  nuff said. (6 days worth, 2/day?)
  5. medrol: a steroid, in tablet form.  looks like it’s used with ICSI to prevent rejection after ET.  (methylprednisolone, 6 days worth, 2/day?)
  6. estrace: little bonus of estrogen.  looks like it is available in a bunch of forms.  guess that will be a surprise! (estradiol in 2mg tablets, 14 days worth, 3/day?)
  7. menopur: another one made of piss.  this one we’ll get to mix up ourselves, just like real live druggies. (ok, maybe not like a druggie.  what the hell do i know?  i’m the most straight edge chick you’ve ever met) (48 vials for 12 days, 4/day?)
  8. apri: the birth control pills.  although i totally get it, i still chuckle at the thought of taking the pill in order to get pregnant.  tee hee. (reclipsen, 42 days worth?)

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