well here we go


my meds arrived thursday night (please excuse the crappy photo).  just like everyone, it was a lot more than i was expecting.  in total, i am now the proud owner of 51 vials of something or another, 60 syringes, 120 pills and tablets, 63 vaginal suppositories, and a sharps container (that seems really small for a whole cycle’s worth of needles).  all in all, a very intimidating delivery.  for some reason i also had it in my head that the only shots i’d be doing were lupron and the trigger, but i guess that was just wishful thinking on my part.  i was also surprised to see two packs on BCPs.  looking back at my notes, i didn’t write any firm dates down, but i wasn’t expecting to need that many.

luckily, its CD1, so i put in a call to my RE, and I will be going in shortly for the med training appointment to get it all figured out.  i’ll also have a sonohysterogram (which will also serve as my mock transfer), and an endometrial biopsy.  R will have to have an STD work-up too.  it’s exciting to be getting started.

it’s amazing how much ivf has infiltrated our lives recently.  the coffee table is covered with fertility books and paperwork from the clinic and pharmacy.  we have a small cupboard in the kitchen that has an old ironing board in it that we’ve been planning to convert into a shallow spice cabinet: we decided it’s time since it would also make a convenient place for meds storage.  we’ll be traveling for thanksgiving, and i’m trying to figure out if it is less of a hassle to fly back with used needles, or find a way to dispose of them in georgia.  so far these are pretty mild inconveniences though, so i’m trying not to complain too much.


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