on your mark, get set…

my first pair of lucky socks


Had my SHG, mock transfer and meds appointment today. During the ultrasound, Dr. Derman found a 30-ish mm cyst on each ovary, which he thinks are endometriomas. His opinion is it looks like stage 3 or 4 endometriosis.

I managed to think a few questions at the time. He said that he doesn’t think we need to do anything about them, that draining them carries a risk of infection and it’s not worth it. They shouldn’t be a problem with IVF, he can work around them during the ER. My AFC was 8 on the right and 7 on the left, so he doesn’t think that they are impacting egg development. He said that this just reinforces his opinion that going right to IVF will give us the most success.

And our calendar:
Start BCP tonight until 12/4.
10 unit of Lupron beginning 11/17, and dropping down to 5 units 12/6.
Endometrial biopsy 12/8.

Start menopur 12/10.
Hopefully triggering 12/17, for a 12/19 ER and a 12/24 ET.
Check progesterone levels the week of 12/26.
Betas week of 1/1.


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