still just killing time

i had a voicemail from the doctor’s office that they were reviewing my file and wanted to run another test before we start the cycle.

wtf? commence mini freak out.

so i call, and it’s no big deal. since the motility numbers were under 15% (they were 11%) they want us to freeze a sample before hand just in case. no big deal. but i guess it will be OOP, at a little over $200. and i was able to get some more info on the OOP costs for embryo freezing, which will be $900 for a year, and due 12/5. merry christmas to us!
i showed up for a meeting with another teacher this afternoon and let her know that i was expected an important call on my cell, and would have to step out for a few minutes. she looked annoyed, so i mentioned i had been playing phone tag with the doctor’s office and didn’t want to miss another call if i could help it.

the instant i said doctor, her face lit up and she looked at my stomach. “oh, any exciting news to share?”

“nope. no news yet.”

“oh, are you sure?”

“actually, we are infertile. i’m expecting a call from the fertility specialist. so yeah, no news.”

“oh…” followed by a long awkward silence. maybe that will shut her up for a while.


we had our first practice session tonight with the needle and a poor innocent orange. and realized how lacking our lesson with the physician’s assistant last week was. but, thanks to youtube, i think we will be good to go. R seemed to be having a bit too much fun….


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