first shot done


i got an awesome gift from a friend this morning – a box full of my favorite cookies!  R’s family always makes them for christmas, and i always eat them ALL!  and they are the perfect post-injection reward.

speaking of which, i survived my first lupron shot!  r got everything ready, and i iced and wiped a spot on my stomach (glad those love handles are going to come in handy for something)…and then i threw a bit of a tantrum.  i cried a little, did a jumpy-freak out-spaz thing, and refused to let him do it.  so i took over the syringe duty and jabbed myself.  i had a little trouble getting the plunger to start moving, since i was afraid of jabbing the needle further in, but i made it.  just a drop of very red blood when i pulled it out, and a small bit of stinging/burning afterwards.  i guess all we do now is wait and see what fun side effects i’m going to enjoy.


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