grumble grumble grumble

so i am trying not to freak out until i know exactly what is going on, but i am not the happiest camper right now. when i dropped off R’s sample this morning, the andrologist told me they would call me tomorrow sometime with the results of the SA.
ummmmmm….we don’t need any analysis, this sample is for freezing. i just paid a crapton of money for freezing (the one your office almost forgot to tell us about btw).
oh, of course, he said. someone will call you today and let you know how it goes. so i head out to work, a few minutes after 7. no one called me, but i assumed they called R since it’s, you know, his stuff.
when i get home, there are two voicemails and four missed calls from the andrologist, all between 7:05 (i think i was still in the parking lot at that point) and 7:30. please call back ASAP. whatever it was was important enough for him to try and call every 5-10 minutes, but not important enough to open our files and find a cell or work number? i left a message with the answering service that if he needs to talk to us during the day, he needs to call our cells.
i just hope i don’t have to lose my shit in school tomorrow, screaming about sperm on the phone. that could be awkward.


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