more needless worrying

i know this will be hard to believe, but i had been freaking out over taking my meds through security for our flight to the in-laws.  i had made sure to bring my original packaging with the prescription on in, a doctor’s note, and some printouts from the tsa website saying i was allowed to bring my liquid meds, syringes, and ice pack.  i then made sure that i told every single security agent we interacted with what i was carrying.  they directed us through the line for families (oh irony) and we were able to bypass the enormous line that almost everyone else was waiting in.  we made it from the entrance to the airport, through security, and into the airport bar in under 30 minutes.  i guess there’s another perk to all this crap we’re dealing with.  R commented that we should try to bring needles and drugs with us each time we fly!


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