is it december yet?

(a whole bunch of this post was edited out when i made my blog public.  you can read the original, full post here.  feel free to  email me if you want access to it and don’t know me in real life)

i was talking to R last night about how i am actually looking forward to my shots each night.  i feel like we are just marking time until mid-december when we can actually get this show on the road.  each shot is another day closer to the possibility of being pregnant.  just about four weeks from now, we should be pregnant until proven otherwise.  i can’t wait…


oh yeah, the messages from the clinic on wednesday: apparently the girl on the phone gave me the wrong directions for dropping off a sample for freezing, and that’s why the andrologist was so confused.  R needs to come in a fill out some legal forms as soon as he can after the holiday, and until he does, they can’t tell us the results of the freezing (although he did tell me that they were able to do it without the form).  who even knew there were results to expect?


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