yay! it’s december!

i know it didn't end up in stirrups today, but i figured some lucky socks couldn't hurt!

so excited that it is finally december.  we could potentially have our ET in just over two weeks – holy hell!  we’re trying not to get too excited about the actual dates – who knows how i’ll respond to stims and what the hell will happen with those pesky little cysts in there – but it will be THIS! MONTH!  it’s so excited to be able to type those words.

i took my last BCP last night, and i am still on 10 units of lupron in the evening for a few more days, then it goes down to 5.  i’ll start meopur on saturday (4 vials of powder mixed with 1 vial – 2 mL – of water), and was happy when Hina (the physician’s assistant) said i could do it in the evenings with the lupron.  i normally leave for work around 7, but will leave at 6 on BW/US days, and i was trying to figure out a convenient time i could do it everyday.  sooooo glad she said night works, because the only other plan i could come up with was shooting up on my 2nd period prep, and that is just asking for trouble.

i think it’s really helped to deal with the anxious “just waiting” feeling by keeping a running tally (we’re actually keeping track on the side of the sharps container).  i am up to:

  • 31 pills
  • 18 injections
  • +5 pounds since beginning meds (which i totally blame on my chocolate rewards)
  • 5 sets of BW
  • 1 date with the lovely US wand

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