let’s not do that again, ok?

so much for lucky socks

well that sucked.  i went in this morning (wearing my favorite pair of lucky socks btw) for the endometrial biopsy.  i didn’t expect it to be a pleasant experience or anything, but holy hell that hurt.

but let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

i asked numerous times, i can come in during open office hours, 6-9, right?  of course Hina said.  so i show up around 6:20 so i won’t have to even worry about being late for school.  and i’m hanging out in the waiting room.  waiting.  and some more waiting. and finally, at about 7:45, Hina rolls in to the office and they call me back.

i came off the BCPs sunday, and dialed down the lupron a few nights ago, so i should have gotten my period today.  and of course, since my body doesn’t listen to directions well, i got nada.  which meant they had to do a pregnancy test before the biopsy.

i did my best not to laugh in her face.  but the monologue in my head went something like: “pregnant? ha!  didn’t you read my file?  BCPs and lurpon for the past 3+ weeks.  ovaries that like to make cysts instead of eggs.  swimmers that don’t really swim.  oh yeah, and i seem to remember something about needing to actually have sex to get pregnant.”

so obviously, not knocked up (yet!).  got myself situated and they get started.  with the evil torturous numbing spray.  oh my jesus.  i didn’t expect numbing spray to burn.  but it did.  and just as it starts to stop, she starts jabbing me with the nice long q-tip thingy (to be honest, i had my eyes closed, cringing at this point).  in her defense, Hina was great about telling me what she was going to do and all that jazz, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

by the time i made it out of there, i had about 30 minutes to get to work, right at prime traffic time.  oh, and the road was flooded.  oh, and i forgot my lunch (and don’t have a long enough lunch to go grab some).  i made it about two minutes after they called the kids to homeroom (yay for not having one!).  and let’s just say it didn’t get any better from that point on.

but, in baby news rather than other-peoples’-kids-news, still no period.  back tomorrow for my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound.  H said not to worry, it looked like it will start ASAP, but, oh yeah, i can’t start stims until it does.  cue some minor freaking out.

i also checked with my friends at work who offered to help with the trigger shot (since R is still too freaked out to try a little needle).  they are both still willing, even with short notice if need be.  my favorite part of the day was when I asked S if she was still willing to do it.  “you mean jab a needle into your ass? only if i get to take a picture!”


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