first follicle check

had my bloodwork and ultrasound done this morning.  doc said it looked good.


  • the endometrioma shrank to 26 mm
  • afc was 10


  • the old cyst shrank to 23mm, and there was a second 9 mm one
  • afc was 7

they never called with any of the bloodwork results, so i’ll have to ask monday.  still just spotting, but Dr. Derman said i could start my meds tomorrow night regardless.

it’s been a rough week at work, and i was ranting to R tonight, detailing my long list of complaints.  his response? “yeah, but you have like 14 follicle things.”

“do you know what follicles are?”

“they’re the things that are going to be our eggs and then all our babies.”

that put a smile on my face 🙂


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