ER +1

so i’m feeling pretty good today – luckily it was a relaxing day at school and my co-teachers are amazing, so i got to sit around a lot and guzzle gatorade.  a little crampy, but no worse than before the retrieval.  i’ve been checking my weight a couple of times a day, and so far it looks good.

i talked to the embryologist this morning to get our stats: of the 18 retrieved, 13 were mature (5 or 6 my ass!!!), and 10 fertilized.  we’re still on mark for a saturday transfer of the best two, and my paranoia of having nothing to freeze is diminishing.


i was talking to one of my bff’s wife last night on facebook, and she was asking how everything went.  we’ve talked about everything in generalities, but i haven’t given her many details (i try not to unless people specifically ask – no one wants to really know the status of my uterus).  she asked if they had to cut me open, and i wasn’t quite sure how to respond.  i finally settled on “they used a…pre-existing opening.”


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