so that’s it: i’m pregnant until proven otherwise!  it hasn’t really sunk in yet, which may not be a bad thing.  around 7 am this morning, we transferred 2 embryos: an 8-cell compacting embryo (yay overachiever!) and a 7-cell, grade 1 embryo (even cell division, no fragmentation).  Dr. Derman said the compacting embryo was better than they expected on day 3.

meet prune and pignut. don’t ask.

he also said that we had 3 more large enough to freeze today.  i was so excited distracted by the wonderful report on our two stars that i didn’t think to ask if they other ones had time to catch up and could still be frozen.  but right now, it’s ok.  there’s two in me, and three more just in case.  i am in such a better place than i was a week ago.

the transfer went well.  i think we were the only patients in there this morning.  i thoroughly enjoyed the little sedative shot before hand, and i don’t think R was too grossed out in the room with me.  i just kept reminding him to stay near my head and only look at the screen.  oh, and this will be nothing compared to seeing these babies come back out 😛

Merry Christmas!

my favorite part of the day though: when Dr. Derman pointed out the end of the catheter and said to pay attention – and you could see the embryos go shooting out like a shooting star.


we have lots of people thinking good thoughts and praying for us, and i suck at boundaries.  so when we got home, i got busy right away sending out an update and our first baby pics to all the important people on our list.  and i love them all:

  • “OMG!!”
  • “I am sending up a special prayer for you and R tonight during midnight mass!  Love the pics!  Have a restful holiday :)”
  • “Wonderful! All my positive thoughts are with you.  Merry Christmas my friend”
  • “They’re adorable!!!!! I think the one on the right has R’s nose :-)” (i said the exact same comment about the exact same embryo as we were walking out of the clinic)
  • “Aren’t they cute!!”
  • Yay!!! Look at the little ones!!”


R waiting (im)patiently for the show to get started

me: “ok, the instructions say no sex or orgasms, no heavy cleaning, and no exercise for the next two weeks.”

R: “so just like normal”

i love this man.


in other, less sweet and totally TMI news, i was finally able to poop yesterday.  it was getting to the point where that was the cause of all my aches and pains.  i was sooooo excited and happy, it took all my willpower not to text R with the happy news.  but, alas, it looks like my stomach was just teasing with me.  i’m taking colace and drinking about 3 times more than i normally do, and trying to load up on fiber.  at least it hasn’t gotten back to the painful point again though.  rumor has it i can look forward to this for about the next 9 months, right?


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