some steps in the right direction

can i just whine about non-IF stuff for a few seconds?  these week totally sucked.

it all started monday morning, when i tried to leave for work and couldn’t find my car keys.  then i realized that R had used them the previous day when we were running errands.  my dear, sweet R, who had left at 5:30 to work in the field for the day, about an hour away.  oooops.  after debating calling in an emergency personal day at work (and deciding not to waste it in case i need it for IF stuff), i ended up calling a cab to go to work.  and $65 later i was there.  awesome.

then that night (or maybe tuesday – i don’t even remember anymore), our spastic pit bull/boston terrier mix baby, Agatha, was being her normal, crazy self.  every now and then, if she gets really excited, she starts running in frantic circles, including up on the couches.  during one of her loops, she went a little too high and the loveseat and smashed all 50 pounds of her adorable self into the window behind the couch.  ooooops.  thankfully, she managed to do it with only one tiny little scratch.  and also, thankfully, we have decent storm windows, and new jesery seems to have forgotten about winter.  so we were able to leave it for the week, and R has spent the weekend learning how to replace a pane of glass in our old windows.

a couple of days later, Ag is in the garage going completely apeshit at something in the corner.  luckily, the garage is a mess and she can’t get at whatever is hiding back there.  we manage to pull her out and find the biggest fucking opposum i have ever seen, playing dead under the patio chairs.  i read online they get to be about 10-13 pounds, but nobody told this guy that.  he is huge.  we borrowed a humane trap from our neighbor and left him some yummy cat food.  don’t worry – i will be posting pictures once we trap him so you can all have nightmares too.

i am totally ready for this new week to come.  there was one high point in there: i called the new clinic on friday, and they were wonderful.  we debated calling the place out of philly too, but i don’t see how i can make the commute work during school.  i can’t just come in late, i either have to take a half day or full day off, and even if i had enough days left to do that, this is my tenure year and i’m just too paranoid.   and then we could wait until this summer, but between my impatience and major family events coming up, i just don’t want to do that.

so, yeah, i have an appointment with Dr. Y at the new clinic on february 22.  they could have gotten me in about two weeks earlier than that, but i was afraid i would run into problems getting our records from Dr. Derman and have to push it back anyway.  i talked to the new patient lady for about a half hour giving her all our info.  and as soon as i got off the phone with her, i had an email with everything we had discussed in writing.  and directions to log on to their eIVF website and complete the most thorough medical history i’ve ever done.  i was a bit frustrated though when i realized i had no idea of our results for 90% of the tests Dr. Derman ran – they would only call/give you numbers if there was a problem.  i’ll have to go back in and update it once i get our files.  i was going to have them just forward them to the new clinic, but then i got paranoid that they would screw something up (like, i don’t know, include someone else’s fert report?)  so i’m going to get our own copies, and drop off a set to the new doctor.

in other yay-me! accomplishments, i have decided to start acupuncture (the new place actually has someone on site to do it), i’ve been looking into getting back into yoga, and i organized a happy hour next week with some of the other younger teachers at work.  i also (kind of) participated in IComLeavWe last week (that links to next month’s sign up page).  i don’t think i ever actually hit the five comments a day, but the bunch that i did leave was a bazillion percent improvement from never having commented on a blog ever.  and i found a bunch of new blogs to read to my reader.  so i guess this week wasn’t all bad.  in fact, i’m actually beginning to feel more and more like my happy self again.


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