mushy eggs

i have to give Dr. Derman credit: within a few hours of sending that email (on sunday night) he had replied, and one of the nurses called at 7 am to tell me a copy was waiting for me at the desk.  without further ado, my embryologist’s report:

Egg # Day 1 Day 3,
# of cells
Day 3,
1 2pn 7 1 transferred
2 2pn 8 1 transferred
3 & 4 2pn 6 2 frozen
5 2pn 7 1 frozen
6 2pn 3 2 discarded
7, 8 & 9 2pn 5 2 discarded
10 2pn 4 2 discarded
11 1pn discarded
12 & 13 0pn MII discarded
14 & 15 MI discarded
16 GV discarded
17 & 18 atretic discarded

i have also spent hours pouring over my records.  would you laugh if i said i had created a color-coded calendar in excel with bloodwork levels and SA counts and follicle sizes?  i tell you, it is a thing of beauty.  a tad bit obsessive, yes, but it gives me a quick reference if i need to find something.

so about those records.  the main thing i took away from it was that he downplayed everything to us.  i get having to sugar-coat unpleasant information, i have to do it all the time with parents at school.  but all the semen analyses that he told me were “just a little low” are “very poor” in there.  the transfer was “moderately difficult” and he needed to curve the catheter more.  and although he refuses to tell me that i have PCOS, that’s my diagnosis on every paper in there.  the part that, i guess bothered me the most was “the eggs are described as mushy and abnormal with poor membrane integrity.”  ouch.  i wish he had been that detailed talking to us rather than just saying they were poor quality.

so i guess that’s the end of Dr. Derman.  i dropped off my records to the new clinic, took care of all the insurance crap, and now i’m just waiting to meet Dr. Y in a couple of weeks.  i am really looking forward to having a second set of (better educated than my) eyes take a look at everything and tell me if my worries and concerns were warranted.


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