RE 2.0

so we met with Dr. Y today, and i think i’m in love y’all.  i know i’m totally being that girl that falls in love again on the rebound after having her heart broken, but today was great.  it’s all still a bit of a blur, but some of the highlights include:

  • we both had a little more bloodwork to get taken care of today.  poor R, i told him this was a talking only appointment.  he hates needles!
  • i am currently on CD 46 (seriously, wtf?), so they did a urine test and possibly (?) a beta.  ha!  silly girls.
  • i also walked out with a script for provera.  Dr. Y will give me a call tomorrow and let me know if i should take it
  • she did an ultrasound to see if she could figure out what’s going on: no eggs hanging out, so she’s guessing i already ovulated.  both cysts are down to two-point-something, so yay for that.  she said my uterus looked great and there were lots of follicles doing what they need to do.
  • speaking of the cysts, they only treat them if they are bigger than 4, so no worries there
  • the staff is all super nice.  i was chatting up one of the nurses who looked adequately horrified when i mentioned some of the problems at the last clinic.
  • sounds like Dr. Y isn’t sold on Dr. Derman’s kinda-sorta-maybe PCOS diagnosis.  she went over the possible protocol briefly, but no mention of the metformin.  she’s saying low-dose BCPs, no lupron, and menopur mixed with FSH, and cetrotide.  all sub-q (yay!).
  • the exact protocol is still a bit up in the air.  once a week, the two docs from my local office meet up with all the docs from the five offices that are a part of the clinic to discuss cases.  together, they decide on the protocol and all that jazz.  this actually makes me feel really really good.  i often wonder if a lot of my concerns at the old clinic would have been a problem if there were two heads rather than one looking things over.

um, i think that’s it?  i don’t know.  i just know that i am feeling so much more comfortable here already.  it’s a damn good feeling.


6 thoughts on “RE 2.0

  1. As someone with also ridiculously long cycles, I am so happy that you’ve found a place that sounds like it has its stuff together. Good luck!

    ICLW #32

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