just keep swimming

so not too much is going on with us.  just waiting for things to get started.  i took provera from the 23rd-28th, and i’m just waiting for my cycle to start up to go back in for some baseline testing that Dr. Y wants to double check.


i went to my first RESOLVE infertility support group meeting today.  it was very nice, i will definitely be going back next month.  it was really good to meet real life people who are in the midst of treatments.


work has been insanely crazy lately.  i have a ton of IEP meetings coming up, another unannounced observation in the very near future, and tomorrow morning is my annual review.  hopefully my supervisor will be telling me that she is officially recommending me for renewal, and that i will have tenure in september.  rationally i know that if i wasn’t going to be rehired i would have had tons of warnings before now, but it will be a nice relief to know that i am safe.


i don’t know exactly what this is going to mean for me, but i decided at therapy this week that i am done punishing my dad for leaving.  i still haven’t figured out what our relationship is going to look like, but i guess i’m ready to try starting over.  i have so much stress in my life from work and IF, that if i can cut the stress in anyway, i need to try my best to do so.


juno was on tv the other night.  i absolutely loved it when it came out, and while i still thoroughly enjoyed it this time, it was much different watching it through infertile eyes.


ok, enough procrastinating for now, i should get back to work.


2 thoughts on “just keep swimming

  1. Juno was on TV today and I had the same reaction. I’m so glad you liked the RESOLVE meeting. I want to go to one too, but this month’s is on my first evening of parent conferences. Boo! Good luck with your annual review!

  2. For not a lot going on, it sure sounds like a lot! I’m glad you came to a decision about your dad. Like you said, one less thing to stress about. And you’ve inspired me to look into going to a RESOLVE meeting here. Hope everything with work and testing goes well!

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