in which i joke about my boobs, but not very well

still no news on the baby-making front.  today is CD 60, and the provera withdrawl should be happening any day now.  to be honest, this freaks me out a little bit.  it’s not like i ever had textbook–perfect 28 days cycles or anything, but my longest stretch ever was about 40 days.  what if the IVF screwed something up somehow?  i guess i just need to be patient a few more days and wait for the meds to work.  i am not a patient person though, so it’s tough.

on a slightly related front, i think the PMS bitchiness has been lasting for weeks now.  at least, i can blame it on that, right?


my supervisor got held up in other meeting monday, so i haven’t had my review yet.  hopefully tomorrow afternoon.  i just have to keep reminding myself that if she wasn’t happy with my work i would know long before now.


my brother and his fiance are headed down this way to first week of april, and now it looks like my mom, step-dad, baby brother, and grandpa might be coming as well.  i know it will stress me out when it happens, but i am pretty excited right now.  if nothing else, they are always a huge help with work around the house and they enjoy doing it.


so i am a bit…well endowed.  it’s something about my body that i have always hated.  and honestly, being a young teacher wearing a 32GG can make teaching middle school boys a bit uncomfortable sometimes. but they do make great fodder for smart ass comments.

me (pulling my chapstick out of my bra since i don’t have pockets today): it’s a good thing god gave me these, they come in handy sometimes.

R: um, i don’t think that’s really what he made them for.

me: well if he made them, this big, for the traditional use, he has a pretty twisted sense of humor.

(i have been told repeatedly that i suck at telling funny stories.  in my head, i was fucking hilarious – as i always am.  but of course it doesn’t sound that way now that i’m typing it all out.  just take my word for it, ok?  you had to be there i guess.)


2 thoughts on “in which i joke about my boobs, but not very well

  1. Oh my. I should have my sister read this. She’s always complaining about her 32DD. We used to joke that we could both get boob jobs–taking the extra from her and giving it to me. 😉

    • that is one thing i cannot wait for: when we are all done having kids, i am definitely getting a reduction. quite a few of the women in my family have gotten them as they get older and start to have back problems.

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