round two

i had my CD3 bloodwork and ultrasound this morning.  looks like i finally fucking ovulated while i was on the provera.  awesome.  so now there is a “pretty big” cyst on my right ovary.  Dr. Y was going to check out my E2 levels and see if i can start the BCPs tonight or not, but i never heard from her.  i debated calling in, but she was meeting at the main clinic with all the docs and discussing my case this afternoon/evening, and will call to discuss that with me tomorrow, so i will definitely talk to her sometime tomorrow.  one more day can’t hurt too much, right?

we also made our big huge consult appointment for the 21st.  we’ll go over my protocol, do a mock transfer, and get our meds lesson (and possibly mix meds?) then.  i’m not sure if the cyst is going to get in the way, or if i’ll need some follow-up ultrasounds to check it out, but i’ll find out tomorrow.

speaking of provera-induced periods and TMI, what are people’s experience with them?  i am used to heavy, painful periods when i am unmedicated.  but this one is super light so far, like borderline spotting light, with no cramps so far.  i was going to ask when the doc called (and will tomorrow), but i was just curious what the internet-world thought on the matter.  gracias.


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