here we go again

so i guess everything was ok with they cyst Dr. Y found at my CD3 appointment, because i was given the green light to start my BCPs.  i have been really frazzled this week, so i’m not even going to try and put everything into coherent paragraphs:

  • orientation, sonohystogram, meds lesson: 3/23
  • BCPs until 3/27
  • appointment 3/30 (BW/US?)
  • start stim meds 3/31
  • looking for ER around 4/9 or 4/10

i tried to take my leftover meds into account when working with the wonderful Mandell’s  Pharmacy, but i was told that it wouldn’t really save me any money on my co-pay, so i just ordered all new stuff.  i was very happy to be able to donate a bunch of my old stuff to the OOP Meds Program on the bump.

speaking of my meds, i will soon be the proud recipient of:

  • follistim
  • menopur
  • prefilled luprolide syringe
  • pregnyl
  • cipro
  • medrol
  • valium
  • centrotide
  • zofran
  • endometrin
  • estradiol
  • doxycycline for R
(ps- i plan on tracking my expenses again this cycle, but in the meantime:  OOP cost for meds $145.50, cost to insurance $6494.43)

meds should be here 3/22, and our orientation appointment was rescheduled to 3/23.  i forsee another week from hell at work, so i’ll probably be laying low until after we meet with Dr. Y again.


2 thoughts on “here we go again

  1. Our IVF schedules are pretty close — but you have some different meds than I do. I wish I had your cost — mine was all out of pocket (~$5400).

    I’m so ready to get this process going, aren’t you?

    • I am soooo sooooo thankful to live in a state with mandated coverage. I don’t know how we could do this all without it.
      I am ready to get started, although R and I both agree it seems to be moving along so much quicker this time.

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