plan 2.0

we had our awesomely thorough and awesomely long orientation appointment yesterday afternoon.  i absolutely love the office and the staff there, they are all so great.  everything is still a bit jumbled, so another bulleted list it is.  yay!

my meds for this cycle
  • i’m staying on BCPs until tuesdy 3/27
  • friday 3/30 i go in for BW/US
  • begin stims 3/31
  • ER week of 4/8
  • i’m starting out with 2 vials of menopur mixed with 150 units of follistim and 1/2 cc saline.  i am weirdly excited about the follistim pen, it’s really neat.  i am also excited that it will all be in a single sub-q shot.
  • around day 4 of stims, i’ll add some cetrotide.  again, sub-q.
  • my trigger is still up in the air.  because my e2 levels were so high last time, we are going to be prepared for that this time.  option A is to trigger with all 10,000 HCG, like last time.  only i can do it sub-q. so unbelievably happy about that, especially since i don’t think we did the IM shot right last go around. option B will be to trigger with the lupron 36 hours prior to ER, and then a 1,000 unit HCG booster 12 hours later.
  • if when we transfer two (we are uncomfortable with transferring three), our odds of twins is 40-45%, triplets >1%, and tubal pregnancy is around 3%.
  • so we didn’t meet with Dr. Y as we have in the past, we met with Dr. D (which is who my friend worked with and absolutely loves).  but then he explained that i will go to the main office for ER and ET, and the doctor that performs them will depend on who is there.  so it may not even be either of them.  hmmmmm.
  • he emphasized that they have a strict criteria for freezing embryos, but it works: they have a 90% thaw rate, and a 65% FET success rate.  but he said not to expect to have anything left to freeze.
  • so now the biggy:  R’s SA results from the sample he dropped off to freeze.  those were some rockstar numbers.  in comparison to his previous numbers:
    (so even though they are AWESOME numbers, the general public doesn’t get to see R’s results.  going through IF and want all the juicy details in the unedited post?  email me for the password.)so, the biggest change from the last time: most likely no ICSI.  we signed the consents just in case, but unless it is a bad sample the day of ER, and the frozen sample thaws poorly, Dr. D says we don’t need it, and they prefer not to mess with the eggs if they don’t have to.  we did sign a consent for assisted hatching too, but i don’t remember when scenario he said we use that in.
  • the mock transfer and sonohystogram:  holy fuck.  let’s not ever do that again.  he had a bunch of trouble inserting the catheter.  like a shit ton of trouble.  and the sonohystogram was pretty painful too.  it felt like it took forever.  i may have shed a few tears.  good news: my uterus looked great.  while i have the endometriomas, and have historically had the symptoms of endometriosis, he did not see anything inside the uterus to cause any concern.  the not so fun news:  i have to go in on 4/3 for a dilapan insertion.  i guess it’s an absorbent insert placed into the cervix.  over the course of four hours, it will expand and dilate the cervix, and then i have it removed again.  i can’t find a ton of info on it, but it looks like it can be used to induce labor.  oh irony!  anyone have any experience? although only good stories please!

ok, i’m running out of steam.  those are all the facts for now.  i’ll try to write later and describe the bit of a mess my head is in with all of this.


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