evil, cruel dilapan

well that sucked.  so last week, during the mock transfer, when i managed to hold back the tears?  yeah, didn’t go so well this time.  i totally cried.  i don’t know what was different this time, but i was in some pretty intense pain from as soon as Dr. D inserted the speculum.  awesome nurse J let me squeeze her hand when it hurt too much 🙂

my sweet puppy

i actually didn’t feel much when he inserted the dilapan, but when he was all finished, i could tell it was still in there.  just a slight discomfort.  so i took advantage of spring break and curled up on the couch with agatha and caught up on game of thrones for a few hours before going back a few hours later to have it removed.  they used a smaller speculum that time around, and it took all of two minutes to pull it back out.

on his way out, Dr. D mentioned that i should avoid having sex for a few days.  ha!  after this morning, i had already texted R to tell him not to expect to be getting any anytime soon.  what a lucky man.


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