how about i stop whining so much?

went in yesterday morning for my BW/US check at the clinic’s main office and met another doctor for the clinic.  she seems really nice, and now i’ve met half of the doctors there, so hopefully i’ll know the doc on ER and ET days.  speaking of which, she seems on board with an estimated ER of Friday or Saturday.  she kept my meds the same (2 vials menopur, 225 follistim, and cetrotide), so i had to make a quick run to Mandell’s today to pick up a little more menopur and cetrotide.  (have i ever mentioned how much i love Mandell’s?  everyone there is amazing and kind and patient.  if you have an option, i totally recommend you look into them.)  if we have to do this again, i want to try and remember to ask for more meds up front, since i’ve had to get refills both cycles.  my co-pay on the meds is the same no matter how much i get, and it would be nice to avoid a second co-pay if possible.

scientist socks
does anyone else think that socks with test tubes are perfect for the RE’s office, or is that just my twisted sense of humor?

so back to yesterday’s US:  lining was 7.9.  on the right side, the cyst is down to 28.  follicles were: 14, 12, 12, 11, 10, 10, 10, and 4 smaller ones.  on the left, the cyst was 21 and follicles were 13, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10, 9, and 6 smaller ones.  i was napping when she called and a little out of it, so i didn’t think to ask about my e2 levels.  i go back in tomorrow to my normal office and will make sure to ask when i’m there.

this is starting to feel real again.  i’m back to being exhausted all the time, and i am definitely feeling/looking like there are a bunch of follicles growing in there.  i’ve had a couple of pangs going on too, which is a new feeling for me.  R likes to joke that they are just super follicles that can kick already 🙂  we’ve got a cabinet full of gatorade, and i ordered some wipes to help remove the medical tape from the anesthesia this time.

and in my final bit of no-more-bad-news:  we have gone 24 hours without any plumbing problems!  right now, i am going to focus on that fact, and not that the nice roto rooter man had to come back out yesterday.  positive thinking and all that jazz!


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