day five transfer


we transferred two blastocysts this afternoon, and i am feeling pretty good right now. we have one more that’s a day behind that could possibly make it to freeze, but they have very strict criteria for freezing and the embryologist wasn’t optimistic. she did mention that all three were from the ones conventionally fertilized, not ICSIed.

the transfer itself was pretty uneventful. they did another practice right before hand, and while it was still painful, it was no where near as bad as the mock transfer i had done a couple of weeks ago. as they were practicing, the nurse said that my uterus was retroverted. as soon as she said it, i remember being told this years ago at an annual exam, but it had never come up during our IF treatments. they also mentioned quite a few times that my right ovary was pushing into the side of my uterus. i’m not really concerned about either fact at this point, but I want to write them down so I’ll remember that later if anything else comes up.

so i guess that’s it for now. now we wait. beta is friday the 27th.


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