not at all baby-making related….

but i am too damn excited to not share:

J –

This is to advise you that the Superintendent will recommend to the Board of Education at its April 24 meeting that you be awarded tenure during the 2012-2013 school year.

Your tenure date is September 2, 2012.

I will formally notify you of the Board’s action after the April 24 meeting.

Congratulations on receiving this recommendation!

Assistant Superintendent

in a slightly related but still not-baby-making note, we are on day two of four of the big, scary, state mandated test.  as a special education teacher, i work with some kids who are allowed additional time during testing.  i had two girls who worked for 5+ hours today with just a lunch break.  one of my kids wrote 10 full pages of the various essays asked of them.  my kids may not make the “proficient” level this year (ask me my opinion of standardized testing in special education sometime if you want to hear me rant like a crazy lady), but it sure the hell won’t be for lack of trying.  i actually teared up at the end of the day when i was telling them all how proud i was.

or maybe that’s just the horomones 🙂


progesterone check today.  no phone call, so must be all good.  just 72-ish hours to beta.  i think i can, i think i can, i think i can…


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