beta 2…

338.  doubling time of 39 hours.  back for another beta on wednesday, and if everything looks good, an ultrasound next week.  (ps.  can someone make beta base work please?  pretty please?)

i’m starting to believe this a little bit.

i told a few people today: the two women at work that have been down this road before, my jersey mommy, and my best friend.  it was nice making people happy cry for once.  there’s that little voice saying shut up, it’s too soon, but these people have been there every step of the way for us, and they will be, no matter what.

i called my brother and his fiance and told them.  sometimes it sucks living so far from family.  it’s going to be a while before we head north again though, so i didn’t want to wait.  i think we’re going to call R’s sister tonight, and my mom and stepdad too.  it just so nice to have good news for once.

with everyone that i told, i mentioned that we aren’t out of the woods yet, and things could still go wrong.  but today i am pregnant.


3 thoughts on “beta 2…

  1. Today is what counts! So happy for you. It must feel great to be able to tell all those people who know what you’ve been through. No wonder they were crying tears of joy!

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