beta 3…

is “almost 900.”  Dr. Y called just as the kids were coming in for class, so I didn’t get to ask for a more specific number, but that’s good enough for me.  looks like a doubling time of around 35-ish hours (if my estimations/math is right).  and can someone please please please fix beta base.

our first ultrasound will be next wednesday morning, at 5 weeks 5 days.  i’m trying not to get too excited, since i know it is early and we might not be able to see much.


(some stuff’s been edited out before coming out to our families.  want all my crazy ramblings, unfiltered?  email me for the password)


we told R’s sister the other night.  before i really knew what was happening, she was calling my six-year-old nephew over, saying that aunt J and uncle R have a secret to tell him.  he was really excited for us, and  so stinking cute:

R:  what do you think we should have, a boy or a girl?

nephew: boy!

R: that’s what we thought you’d say.  what if we have a boy AND a girl?

nephew: that’d be awesome!  what if you have a half boy half girl?  a boy with girl’s hair and wears dresses (starts giggling uncontrollably)

me: you’re silly!

nephew: yeah, i know!

i know they told him very very early on (before we even knew) that they were expecting his little brother a year and a half ago, so i’m not worried about him saying anything, but i will admit that while i was listening to him and R, i couldn’t help but wonder what we would tell him if something goes wrong.

but i’m trying really really hard to be positive.  because today i am still pregnant.

speaking of which, when will it start to feel real?  it still feels like a dream…


One thought on “beta 3…

  1. But I good dream, right? Your nephew is hilarious. Half boy, half girl. Now I can’t get that image out of my head! Hopefully it will start to feel more real when you get that ultrasound!

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