morning sickness – yay!

i still don’t really feel pregnant.  sometimes, i still don’t remember.  but i have been developing a few symptoms that remind me from time to time.

i have been completely exhausted lately.  i wasn’t sure if i could blame the little tadpole(s) for that one since i was sick the week before last (during state testing, so i couldn’t really take a sick day), and i chaperoned a field trip to an amusement park from 6 am to midnight last week.  i slept saturday until about 2, and then fell asleep last night within minutes of finishing my dinner.  but normally, sleeping that much in one weekend would have me up, wide awake all night, and that doesn’t seem to be a problem this time, so i think the fatigue might be more than just life.

my sense of smell has been going crazy lately.  it wasn’t a huge deal, just kind of weird. i would comment on catching a wiff of something, and R would look at me like i was a crazy lady.  but this morning, the scent of the leftover chili i was taking in for lunch sent me running for the bathroom.  and i was gagging all day long.  middle school kids stink a little bit.  especially the boys who have recently discovered axe body spray.  holy shit, is it bad trying to walk down the hallways.  luckily that didn’t make we want to toss my cookies.

other than that, not too much is going on, just killing time until wednesday’s ultrasound.  i think hope that after we see something (or maybe two somethings) that this will all feel more real.


and in only slightly tangentially related but very funny news, enjoy:


3 thoughts on “morning sickness – yay!

  1. I was thrilled when I first felt morning sickness. It’s starting to get old, but I’m still happy to have symptoms!

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