yeah, i’m still alive

sorry for the radio silence.  all is still well.  i had my 7 week ultrasound, and while i don’t remember the tiny details anymore, everything looked great.  and i graduated!  i wasn’t ready for that one, and started blubbering like an idiot, thanking everyone.  i see a nurse and a midwife at my new clinic on monday for my initial patient appointment.  just waiting until then i guess.

and in no particular order, a smattering of random thoughts from the past two or so weeks…

    • i am about to whine about being pregnant: i’m getting tired of the complete lack of appetite i have going on.  i am not full-on sick, but the naseau is pretty constant, especially if i am not constantly grazing on something.  luckily it seems to have gotten better this past weekend, but i have gone from a diet pretty low in processed foods to nothing but prepackaged pasta sides and frozen pizzas.
    • i don’t normally weigh myself, and the awesome clinic never really did, so i’m not too sure what’s going on with my weight.  i am down five pounds from new years when i had a mild case of OHSS, but that’s all i know right now.
    • scraping the ceiling

      the nursery is finally a clean slate.  when we moved in, it had a coat of paint over an old layer of wallpaper.  under that was the original unfinished plaster, so that wallpaper could theoretically be from when the house was built in the 20s.  we peeled the paint and paper off the first weekend we moved in (it was in our bedroom too), but threw in the towel when we realized that the ceiling was papered and painted too.  luckily R figured out this time that the paint peeled off with just a scraper, and the paper came off with just plain water.  way simpler than the steamer we thought we were going to have to use.  he also pulled down the old, pink light, and will finish putting in the ceiling fan as soon as he picks up a new screw.

      and washing the gunk off the wall
    • yeah, that’s about all i have right now.  time to get some school work done for the last 10 days (thank you buddha!)

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