long time no see

i’m not doing this whole blogging thing very well lately, am i?

so i’m 12w5d and so far so good.  we had our NT scan on monday (new ultrasound photos up on the pignut page).  the bloodwork results hadn’t come in yet, so we’ll go over the results of everything at my next appointment with the midwives on july 9.  the ultrasound went really, really quickly, but we were able to hear the heartbeat again and saw pignut roll over and move its arms around.

i think this is finally beginning to feel real.  i think the fear might finally be disapating.

the constant nausea has finally started to die down, but was replaced over the weekend with random vomiting.  so much fun.  but (knock on wood) the past two days have been pretty good.

and i finally busted out the maternity clothes, and i wish i had done it sooner!  i bought some elastic/drawstring shorts from target last week and i am in love.  and i’m not going to lie, i wore them for four days in a row until i made it back to buy some more pairs.  don’t judge, ok?  it’s summer, and i can manage to go a few days without even leaving the house.  i grabbed some longer tank tops and tshirts too, which are making me feel a bit less self-conscious.  i’m trying to convince myself that the bloat is finally turning into a bump.  a girl can dream, right?

work on the nursery is still chugging along.  R has the new ceiling fan/light ready to go in.  we’ve gotten the horrible combination of paint and 80 year old wallpaper off the walls and ceiling, and the original plaster is almost completely cleaned.  we’ve been spackling and sanding the walls the last few nights, so i should be able to put some paint up next week (no worries – with low VOC paint and a respirator).  we also picked up the supplies to build a spray paint booth, so i can paint the dresser and crib without painting the house too.  not that we have decided on colors yet.

and! i finally let myself buy some baby stuff!  we’re going to out ourselves on facebook this weekend, and i really like those photos of the parents feet with a pair of baby shoes.  i’m hoping we can get agatha to sit still for 30 seconds to be in too.  so i ordered an adorable pair of little red toms for pignut, and i am completely in love with them.  i also ordered a microscope blanket and baby book from tiffany ard over at nerdy baby.  i’ve been dreaming or a nerdy baby nursery for years, but now that we are actually creating one, i don’t know how much will actually go with our plans.  we’ll have to see.

so i think that’s most of the news from my neck of the woods.  i’ll try to be around a bit more often now that school is over and i have nothing but free times on my hands.


One thought on “long time no see

  1. So happy everything is going well. Your nursery is coming along! I’m also glad all of this is starting to feel more real for you. Oh–and I love that microscope baby blanket!

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