well shit

i don’t think i’ve ever talked about it on here, but i have two brothers.  the youngest, who is 9, was diagnosed five years ago (this week actually) with a brain tumor after a long period of misdiagnosed absence seizures.  after surgery to remove the majority of the tumor, he underwent 15 months of chemo – at five freaking years old.  and despite how scary everything was, he did really well.  it seemed like every step of the way, we received the best news possible.  his tumor even eventually disappeared, which the doctors never ever expected to happen.  since the end of chemo, he has been able to come off his anti-seizure meds, and every monitoring test has come back perfect.

until today.  after almost 4 years seizure free, the EEG and neuro exam showed seizure activity.  right now we don’t know much, other than he has to start back up on the scary anti-seizure meds.  he’s scheduled for his quarterly MRI/oncologist exam at the end of september, when we can find out if the seizures are because of tumor regrowth.

i know there is lots of bad shit in this world, and i know i am the least spiritual person that you have ever met.  but right now, our family could use any thoughts, prayers, crossed finger, anti-tumor dust, or anything else you have to spare please.


3 thoughts on “well shit

  1. As an older sister to a little brother myself, I can only imagine how scary this must be. Thinking tons of positive thoughts, saying prayers, crossing fingers, sprinkling anti-tumor dust for you and your family.

  2. I’m sorry about this news. I’ll be sending lots of positive vibes your way and your brother’s way. Anti-seizure meds are just awful, and I hope they find–and correct–the problem soon. Sending hugs!

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