18 week update

first, a baby brother update:  the oncologist is going to push up the MRI that is scheduled for the end of september, and they are going to use a more sensitive machine than normal and see what’s going on in there.  he started the lorazapam at a quarter of the strength he will eventually be on.  it seems like his balance is a little off, which happened last time on the tegretol too.  he was a bit upset by this at first, but seems to be ok with it now.  he’s up to a half dose now, and hopefully the side effects won’t increase with the meds.


i haven’t been posting too much about my pregnancy at all lately, because things have been pretty boring on this front – baby wise and, basically, life-wise too.

i’ve been on summer vacation from school since mid-june, and not doing a damn thing.  this is the first summer that i’ve been teaching that i haven’t had something big either personally or professionally going on during the summer months.  R and i figured that it will be my last free summer for quite some time, and i am taking gladly taking advantage of that.  i’ve been working on the nursery (which will probably be it’s own couple of posts in a short while), reading a ton], and actually getting to see quite a few friends.  i’m really enjoying it, but it doesn’t make for very exciting blog posts 🙂

pregnancy wise, things are going pretty well.  i had a bit of a problem with morning sickness around weeks 9-13, but i could just spend the day between the couch and the bathroom, so it wasn’t too bad (although, i think it would have been a lot less of a problem if i had been working and not focusing on feeling so sick).  at some point, the 24-hour nausea seems to have turned into a low blood sugar problem, since it had been quite a while since i had eaten much other than poptarts, microwaveable pizza or pasta.  it took about a week or so to realize that blood sugar was the new culprit.  this was all around the same time that we had 95* days for abo9ut two weeks straight.  so, i was pretty miserable there for a while.  but, like i said, being on summer break made it much more easy to deal with.

luckily, all this seems to be in the past.  i still feel pretty crappy if i go too long without putting something into my stomach, but i feel like i have finally figured out how to manage to eat.  there are still some things that i have a complete aversion too, but i feel like i can manage to get some balanced meals in.

i went in for my monthly checkup with the midwife on monday, and things are looking good.  i finally managed to gain some weight (but it’s only a net gain of a single pound).  the baby’s heartbeat still sounds great, and i pulled it together enough to record it this time so i can listen to it when ever i want to.  we scheduled my anatomy scan for the 27th, which seems sooooo far away at this point.  but i am glad that i will get in before school starts since that seems to be the first question everyone asks now that they know.

no flutters or anything yet, although there were a few false alarms: first my sciatica nerve started acting up (i have always had lower back/hip problems that i exacerbated during all those weeks being pathetic on the couch), and i’ve started having round ligament pain.  i’m really anxious to start feeling something.  i get myself all freaked out as i get closer to the next appointment with the midwife that we will get bad news, and i think that this will die down once i can tell that pignut is still in there.  i really wish that i had gotten a doppler back at the start, but i can’t really justify it now that it could be any day.

hopefully it won’t be so long until the next update.  i have a couple of more substantial/introspective posts rattling around in my brain that i will try to get out as soon as i figure out what exactly it is that i want to say.  but other than that, i think that’s about all there is to report.


One thought on “18 week update

  1. I’m glad things are going well. I hope the side effects don’t take too much of a toll on your brother and that they find some answers soon.

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