i’m 99% sure that i didn’t piss myself

so remember the other day how i sad things had been boring on the baby front?  yeeeaaaaahhhhh….next time i say something that stupid will someone please yell at me?  thanks.

so before i get into all, i’ll start out with the disclaimer that right now, everything is ok.  i was able to see the baby on a very thorough ultrasound (pics will be on pignut’s page soon), and he/she looked great.  plenty of fluid keeping them safe, and the placenta was no where near my cervix.

oh, and a second disclaimer – total TMI coming…

ok, now back to the beginning.  when i woke up yesterday morning around 5:15, i went to the bathroom, very proud of myself for making it until it was almost time to wake up before having to go pee.  and boy howdy, pee i did.  and then i noticed that my pj pants were wet. not just wet, soaked.  and slightly pink.  and pink on the TP.  so, i did what any sane paranoid pregnant girl would do and gave them a good, strong sniff.  no odor.  combined with the fact that i had just given a racehorse a good run for his money, i am 99% certain that i hadn’t pissed myself.

i went into the bedroom to get some new underwear and to check the bed.  a huge wet, pinkish spot on the sheet and my pregnancy pillow.

now, i think i managed to stay fairly calm through all of this.  the light spotting wasn’t worrying me much: it was no where near as bad as the bleed i had at 6 weeks, and it was very, very faint.  but the soaked pants, bed, and pillow had me worried.  gave the bed a sniff just in case: still no odor.

i arrived at what (i still think) was the most logical conclusion: i was leaking fluid.  and even though i know that spotting is normal and nothing to freak out about, i wasn’t so sure about leaking fluid.  i was racking my brain, trying to think what i knew, and all that could come to mind was bed rest and inducing labor.  and let’s just say that at 18 weeks, that’s no fucking option.

i woke R up and told him what had happened and what i thought was going on, and we called the midwives office.  L, the midwife on call, called me back very quickly.  and she told me what i already knew: the spotting wasn’t necessarily a big deal.  whatever was going on, the best course of action would be bed rest.  and at 18 weeks, there’s not a whole lot they can do.  she asked when my next appointment was (not for another 3 weeks), and my voice cracked as i started crying.  she reiterated that it was probably nothing, but if i needed reassurance, i could meet her at the hospital and we could check on the baby’s heartbeat.

needless to say, we were at the hospital less than 30 minutes later.  the wonderful nurse knew we were coming and got me hooked up to a contraction monitor (none) and asked a million questions.  and we heard that beautiful heartbeat, good and strong. (and, can i just say, it wasn’t until about 20 minutes later and we were just waiting on the midwife that we even worried about getting me registered at the hospital.  i know it’s not a huge deal, but it made me feel good that my insurance wasn’t the first thing they asked, you know?)

and then we waited.  and waited.  and waited.  the nurses kept coming in, saying L was on her way and would be there shortly.  shortly ended up being three hours.  awesome.  by that point, the spotting had stopped and gone from pink to brown, and i didn’t seem to be leaking anything else.  she checked my cervix and everything felt fine and just where it should be.  she seemed pretty much ready to be done with me, until i got her to slow down and listen long enough that i wasn’t scared about the spotting.  i was scared about the big watery puddle i had left back at home.  and i think she finally got it.  she did an internal exam, took a swab, and we were back to waiting for the results and the sonographer to arrive.  she mentioned that they might decide to keep me overnight for monitoring, so we decided that R would run home for my phone charger (it was almost dead), his forgotten phone, a book, and to walk Agatha.

before he made it back, the sonographer arrived and started checking things out.  she checked the placenta, which was no where near my cervix, and the fluid around the baby, which looked good.  she said that didn’t mean i wasn’t leaking, but the baby was safe.  and then she started checking everything else, taking what felt like hundreds of shots and measurements.  she showed me the face and hands (he/she was sucking their thumb at first), the spine, leg bones, feet, all all sorts of stuff that just turned into a blur.  she asked if i wanted to know the sex, and with more willpower than i knew i had, i told her not without my husband there.  i kept hoping he would make it in time, but he got there about 4 minutes after we had finished.  so i guess we have to wait a few more weeks.  the sonographer said that everything she saw looked good, and she would send the results to my clinic.  she also said that they will still want to do the anatomy scan since the way the baby was positioned made it difficult for her to get the measurements she needed.

while she was checking everything out, the midwife and an OB from the office came in.  the three of them talked about how everything looked good on the screen, and that the swab test had come back negative for amniotic fluid.  they did mention that didn’t mean i didn’t leak and didn’t mean that it won’t happen again, but at that moment, everything looked perfect, so they were going to discharge me.

so that was it.  L mentioned that i would probably continue spotting old blood from the exams, so don’t worry about that too much.  and to call the office if i noticed anymore fluid.  and i am happy to say that i managed to make it the last 24 hours with minor spotting, no leaks, and no pissing my pants.  but once i calmed down and was thinking about it, i think i may have been spotting more than just friday night.  when i was getting changed for dinner thursday night, i needed a new pair of underwear, and i was damp when i woke up friday morning too.  at the time, i assumed that i had just been sweating since it’s hotter than balls around here lately, but after seeing so much fluid saturday morning, i’m thinking maybe it wasn’t just sweat.

but, today i am still pregnant.  and the baby had a strong heartbeat and looked perfect.  and, other than patiently waiting and obsessively checking my crotch, there’s nothing i can do except remember that.


2 thoughts on “i’m 99% sure that i didn’t piss myself

  1. Oh my gosh! How scary. But I’m glad everything is looking okay and they didn’t have to put you on bed rest or anything. And I hope the rest of your pregnancy truly is uneventful (I won’t say the “b” word–I get punished at work when I utter that word, too)!

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