i don’t know why it bothers me so much

i officially start back to school on tuesday (with the kids coming thursday), but i spent a few hours each day this week in my room trying to get ready. i’ve run into quite a few people that i haven’t seen since we announced we are expecting, so it’s been a steady stream of congratulations, which is really nice.

but not every interaction has left me feeling great. this is my fourth year in my district, and i am officially tenured as of sunday. most of my colleagues are congratulating me on tenure too. but two women last week both commented on how perfect the timing of my pregnancy was.
and for some reason, even though i know they don’t know any better and don’t mean any harm, these comments made my stomach drop. i feel like i need to correct them, like i am being dishonest by letting them think that we planned things this way. i think these feelings are being compounded by my anxiety about the election (seriously, i am up at night worrying – once i get my head around it more, that will be another post). even more than before, i think it is important that i speak out and share my experiences with IF and speak up for my reproductive rights. and i feel like being open about our path to get here, especially with people who don’t think they know anyone who has struggled with IF, is an effective way to help people reexamine important issues with comsequences they might not be aware of. but I don’t know how to speak up.


2 thoughts on “i don’t know why it bothers me so much

  1. Maybe you can be honest but kinda slide it in. Next time someone comments on your perfect timing, you could say something about how yes, it is good timing, but not planned after all you have been through…?

  2. I like Theresa’s suggestion. Maybe you can even think about what you want to say beforehand. Sometimes getting caught off guard makes it hard to answer the way you’d like to.

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