speaking out

so last night, after i posted a bit about how much i feel the need to advocate for infertility, especially in this election season, i came across an article on CNN about the federal personhood amendment that paul ryan has co-sponsored and the possible implications for ART.

and then i took a deep breath, chose my words very carefully, and posted it to my facebook wall:

I’ve been trying to think of coherent, eloquent ways to explain this, but…I cannot explain how much the thought of a GOP win in this election scares the crap out of me. A big reason: Ryan has co-sponsored a bill that Romney has promised he would sign that would make it incredibly difficult for me to conceive another child. I don’t understand how you can take a basic human right – my right to have a family – and attempt to legislate it.

(as wonderfully as some members of my family responded to my post, family and politics never mix well.  for the sake of christmas dinners, the rest of this post will only be available to people in the IF community i don’t know in real life.  email me for the password.)


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