does anyone else understand why this makes me so happy?

first off, a very happy update: baby brother had his MRI last week (finally!!!).  there is a bit of a snafu with the oncologist having access to the records from the fancier machine at the neurologist’s office so we don’t have a ton of details, but we have some very important ones.  “no new tumor growth, only normal post-operative changes.”  yay!

so there will (hopefully) be some more substantial posts coming as soon as i calm down from the start of the school year craziness, but in the meantime, i need to share with people that i don’t have to worry about boundaries with.  lucky you!

i finally went to buy new bras just before school started a few weeks ago, after spending the summer only wearing a bra when i had to leave the house.  (by the way, having to wear a bra all day long has been the hardest part about returning to civilization)  my new size? 36ggg.  holy hell dude.  just so you know, they don’t really make pretty bras in 36ggg.  all you get is boring, old, practical ones.  and honestly, everyone that has no filter i am fairly close to has commented on how huge they have gotten.  cause, you know, i wasn’t self-conscious enough before.

but, R and i realized something tonight…my belly finally sticks out farther than my boobs.  yay!  this makes me so insanely happy for reasons that i cannot explain in any way.  it just does.  maybe, as i keep getting fatter, my books will actually begin to look smaller.  a girl can dream, right?


2 thoughts on “does anyone else understand why this makes me so happy?

  1. Yay belly-bigger-than-boobs! One of my sisters ended up being a 42GG at her biggest (I think while she was breastfeeding). I, on the other hand, can’t imagine getting much bigger than my little B-cups. 😉

  2. I totally understand….and they do make pretty bras in your size….really….intimacy bra shop, home of the bra whisperer, carries them…Lacey with pretty colors too…I’m not sure where you’re located, but I think they have a website….they are expensive, but one pretty bra is probably worth it!

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