it’s a baby panda!

Mei Xiang
Mei Xiang (image by The Brit_2)

my hormones have been going crazy lately, so it really shouldn’t have surprised me when i burst into tears this morning.  the catalyst that set me off?  Mei Xiang had a baby!  panda’s only ovulate once a year, and scientists at the zoo weren’t even sure that she was pregnant again, since panda’s commonly have “pseudopregnancies” and act like they have conceived even if they haven’t.  there was no way for them to know expect just wait to see if there was a baby or not.  but this time there was!

i first learned about Mei Xiang’s struggles with secondary infertility last year when i read a post mel had written about discussions to possibly replace her with a more fertile panda at the zoo.  it was just before i chaperoned the 8th grade trip to DC, and honestly, it bummed me out so much that i skipped the panda exhibit when we stopped at the zoo.  even though i knew at that point that we were pregnant, i just felt so bad for that poor panda.

and so this morning, i cried, i was so happy to read the news.  which just reinforced to R that i have turned into a crazy lady 🙂


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