so tired

first things first, i have decided that i am going to be sharing this blog more publicly, specifically with friends and family.  to prepare to finish coming out of the IF closet, i have been going through old posts and editing out some parts (including semen details to respect Rs privacy and some of the more heavy family issues/depression issues) that i am just not comfortable sharing with people i know in real life.  every post that i am editing will still be available in it’s full, original form in a password protected post.  if you are someone i don’t know personally and are interested in the specifics of Rs test results or my messed up ramblings,  feel free to email me and i will share the password.  oh, and sorry for all the new posts showing up in your rss reader.

——mei xiang’s baby panda died unexpectedly last week.  and i cried.  a lot.  but i was so happy and so touched to get a text from a friend when she heard the news, asking if i was ok.  i am really lucky to have such awesome people in my life.


i have been feeling really really good lately, except i am completely exhausted.  i am totally dragging by the end of the school day, and am ending up not doing much of anything when i get home from work.

i have turned into a total bitch at work though.  i’m sure that a big part of it is hormones, but a big problem is that this is the largest group of seventh graders we have seen possibly ever.  it shouldn’t seem like a huge deal, but classes of 30 kids are just fucking crazy.  not to mention some of the classes i go into are so crammed full of desks that my belly is making it hard to get around.


i was so lucky to be able to visit JHL of A Half-Baked Life in her home this weekend for an ice cream social with some former and current IF bloggers.  totally outside of my comfort zone, and so totally worth it.  but also totally deserving of its own post when i’m not so…blah.  but in the meantime – a huge thank you to JHL – it was so awesome!


i think i could get used to this pregnancy thing.  i have alway had body issues, and hated buying clothes in particular.  but maternity clothes are made for bigger boobs, and i am finding a ton far too many cute new maternity clothes to wear.  and i like the way i look in them.  and i like the compliments that i am getting.  i know i sound totally vain here, but it was so nice when a co-worker told me that pregnancy suits me.  i always expected to just get stupidly fat when i got pregnant and not be able to lose it.  maybe this is my reward for all the shit that it took to get here?  now let’s just see if i can get up the balls to post a bump pic at some point 🙂


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