don’t get excited, this isn’t a real post

i have so many things that i want to post about, and so little time to write them up.  but a couple of quick things that i wanted to share…

  • have you heard the bitter infertiles podcast?  i had gotten out of the habit of listening to podcasts lately, but these ladies have sucked me back in.  completely awesome.
  • just a quick bit of advice if you’re ever misbehaving in my class:  when i assign you lunch detention, don’t complain to another teacher that i overreacted and snapped, because i’m cranky because i’m pregnant.  especially to another teacher who’s going to yell at you too, and then come right to me and tell me what you said.
  • i was sitting slouching earlier today when pignut starts beating the crap out of me up near my lungs.  in the past week or so, i’ve started to be able to see some of his more extreme movements from the outside.  today, i saw him kick my stomach, which in turn shook my boob that was resting on my stomach.  dude’s kicking my boobs already, and he’s not even out yet.  so glad i didn’t have any kids with me then.

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