well that wasn’t as bad as i feared

so to say i was nervous last week when i posted a link to the blog for everyone in my real life to see would be a huge understatement.  after i finally convinced myself that i wasn’t really going to toss my cookies, i started refreshing the stats page…again…and again…and again.  about 45 people clicked on the link on my facebook page.  800 different pages were read and reread.  i started to rethink that whole not puking idea i had.

but so far so good.  i haven’t gotten much feedback, but what i have has been really nice.  and i got the most amazing email.  like i bawled my eyes out i was so touched.  it was obviously pretty personal, so i’m not going to talk about it in any detail on here other than to say that no matter what other responses i may get, that email made coming out worth it.

and finally, at the request of multiple people, i got off my ass an uploaded some inconsistently taken pictures of my expanding belly.


i love working with middle schoolers.  some of them were asking about the baby this week, and one of them suggested the name that we are actually leaning towards.  it’s going to be so much fun to tell her that we decided to go with her suggestion 🙂  we will not, however, be going with another kid’s suggestion of “awesome” as a middle name.

it was also very entertaining when i mentioned to another student that i wouldn’t be able to participate in one of our science activities because of my pregnancy:

“wait, you’re pregnant?”

“well yeah.  what, did you just think i was getting fat?”



a friend recently went through the transfer of her ivf cycle, and i put together a little care package for her, and included some pregnancy tests for her in case she was braver than i was before betas.

can i just say it is highly entertaining to purchase pregnancy tests when six months pregnant.  the look on that cashier’s face was priceless.


and my last recent odd comment: someone managed to find the blog last week by googling “36ggg boobs.”  something tells me this isn’t quite what they were looking to find 🙂


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