in which i sound like a crazy woman talking to my pharmacist

i had an appointment with the midwife today and everything looked good.  little man is head down.  they had a bit of trouble finding his heartbeat, he had moved right under my belly button and hard to get to.  they could hear the blood in the placenta the whole time though, so they weren’t too worried.  i was a little bit though.  i told him he was grounded if he pulled a stunt like that again, but i don’t know if he understood the threat 🙂

i was very surprised that my glucose test came back fine.  i don’t think i ever posted about that appointment: i got there about 15 minutes early and checked in, making sure to tell them i needed my bloodwork done at 10 since it had been an hour since i drank the kool-aid.  they called me back at 10:30 – awesome.  the phlebotomist said that i might get a false failure because of the delay, and to make sure that i had them repeat the one hour before doing the three hour if there was a problem.  but luckily it looked good.  my iron was a little low, but i’m not surprised – i’ve been told that on and off for years depending on the doctor.  but a little iron pill is an easy fix.

i ran by the pharmacy to pick up some iron, and decided that i would get my flu shot while i was there.

pharmacy man: “sorry about the needle size.  i don’t have anything smaller right now that would work with the version of the flu shot for pregnant women.”

me: “i’m sure it’s ok.  he was made using fertility meds, so i’m used to the shots.”

pharmacist: awkward look

me: “just as long as i don’t have to get up the nerve to stab myself with it.”

and that’s when i stopped bragging about my awesome skills at shooting up.  because the  needle he pulled out seemed even bigger that those 2.5 inch IM injections.  i was a big girl and i didn’t cry.  but i’m not going to lie, i wanted to.  and it still hurts like hell.


4 thoughts on “in which i sound like a crazy woman talking to my pharmacist

  1. I didn’t know they gave flu shots to pregos. Sounds like Pignut likes his privacy….sorta like his father. I can’t wait to feel the little guy kick.

  2. I didn’t know there was a special flu shot for preggos….I just got the same one I always get at work. And this year…yeah, I gave it to myself because none of my coworkers were brave enough….so all that practice with IVF really paid off LOL! 😛

  3. get lots of fiber with those iron pills….they can be a rough! I actually know a woman who had to go in for surgery, because she couldn’t “go” after taking those things!

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