still here…

so long time no see.  everything here is still good, just busy and exhausting.  since the last time i posted, i’ve survived…

  • the end of the first marking and parent-teacher conferences
  • awesome baby showers with both Ralph’s family and mine
  • our last two trips north to see family for quite a long time
  • childbirth class and hospital tour
  • a mysterious orange tongue that my midwives don’t seem concerned about
  • hurricane sandy (our town made out pretty well except for power outages – although we were only out 2 days, so i can’t complaint)
  • the election
  • meeting two of the cutest twin girls ever
  • presenting about the NASA reduced gravity program to the science classes
  • our first holiday without family where i could actually get off the couch
  • sorting through mountains of baby clothes from some very generous friends and their little boy (seriously – seven full rubbermaid totes so far!)
  • getting the nursery and important baby gear all set up – just some last minute decorating to do when my folks come down in a few weeks

hopefully at some point i’ll actually take the time to talk about some of this, but i just don’t seem to have any energy lately.

other than that, i am feeling fine.  except for the two hours nap i have to take every day after work.  i’m sleeping ok at night, but i usually end up awake for an hour or two at some point in the night.  i finally broke down and bought one of those belly support belts, which has been a life saver – it was getting to the point where i was just so achy by the end of the day i felt like crying.

my favorite “side effect” that has started becoming a problem is just my belly getting in the way of everything.  this morning, i almost had to call ralph after he left for work and ask him to come home and help me get dressed.  socks, and especially tying any shoes, have been getting more difficult for the last few weeks, but this morning?  i had a hell of a time just trying to get my underwear on.  it was really touch and go there for while, but i managed to get myself dressed in time to make it to work.  fun times 🙂

and now….do i squeeze in today’s nap before ralph comes home?  or answer all the emails from friends and family i’ve been neglecting lately?  hmmmmm…..


3 thoughts on “still here…

  1. Sounds like a normal pregnant lady to me! I’ve been very sad the past few days thinking of how much I am missing. You will have this baby and I will never have felt it kick 😦 Good news is, we will see you in Feb……love you (all 3)!

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