iclw april 2013

welcome to those of you visiting for iclw! this is the third time i’ve attempted to participate, but it’s been a while. in fact, a whole new RE, second IVF cycle, pregnancy, and three-month-old ago!

i’m so excited that this month’s iclw coincides with national infertility awareness week. i have a bunch of posts (mostly aimed towards those outside our community) ready to post, so there’s actually a chance you’ll be able to find a new post to read, which doesn’t happen as much as i would like.

so a little background for those of you who have never been here before: hi! i’m jen. Ralph and i are the parents (finally!) to the coolest little boy, Pignut, and his furry sister, Agatha. our first RE diagnosed us with MFI, PCOS and endo. we went right to IVF+ICSI, and all we got were some “crappy” embryos that wouldn’t stick around. RE 2.0 labelled us “female infertility of unknown origin”, and gave us out sweet little boy after another round of IVF.

the past three months have been a crazy blur. i’m about to go back to work for a few weeks as a middle school special ed teacher while Ralph takes some paternity leave and teaches Pignut to garden. in the meantime, i’m annoying my friends and family with niaw posts, getting myself psyched up for Advocacy Day, and looking into starting a local Resolve group. oh yeah, and trying to figure this whole parenting thing out.

so welcome again, and have a look around. i hope you decide to stick around a bit. and, please! leave me a comment letting me know where i can go to stalk read all about you.


10 thoughts on “iclw april 2013

  1. Wah-hoo! Congrats on the Pignut! Just reading this post gets me all excited about NIAW and Advocacy Day….sadly I won’t be able to make Advocacy Day, but I wish you many good times while there.

    Happy ICLW (#34)

  2. Stopping in for ICLW. Congrats on your little one! So glad you made it to the other side of this, though even with a baby in our arms, we’re never that far removed from our experience, are we?

  3. Stopping by from ICLW and learning all about you for the first time. So happy to hear that congratulations are in order and you have a beautiful baby. I hope that this happens for my husband and I soon too.

  4. Here from ICLW (#48). Congrats on the new baby! My daughter is just a little older than your son. Going back to work can be really hard, so hang in there! It does get easier.

  5. Hi from ICLW #20. Congratulations on your baby!! That’s so awesome that your man is able to stay home for a bit with baby. Hope your transition goes well for you. ❤

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