niaw: join the movement

have you heard, it’s national infertility awareness week!  and in honor of it, i have been doing a bunch of posts this week for all of my fertile friends and family to help inform them about infertility and the issues in our community.


so we’ve covered some basic information on infertility and in vitro fertilization.  we’ve debunked that popular misconception.  we’ve talked about access to treatment and the politics of infertility.  you’re practically an expert!

so what?  who cares?  you’re done having kids/not interested in offspring/have a fully functioning reproductive system.  what’s this all have to do with you?

infertility is terribly, horribly isolating.  it’s so, so personal.  i mean, no one really wants to hear the details about your uterus and ovaries.  it can be embarrassing.  our society doesn’t like to talk about sex, illness, loss.  other people don’t know what to say if you do mention it.  or, worse yet, they inadvertently say something hurtful.  they don’t understand that, while you can be very happy for them when they have good news, you can be simultaneously very sad for yourself.

so we keep it all in.  we turn to support groups, or online communities where we can pour our hearts out to people who understand but don’t know us.  we pull away from people we love during some of the happiest times of their lives.

we hide.  we make it easy for you to forget that we are here.  all 7.3 million of us.  but we are here, and we need your help.

we need you to help us speak out for ourselves.  when we can’t.  when we’re afraid or embarrassed.  when it feels like no one is listening.  when we don’t know what to say.  when the words can’t come out without reducing us to tears.


so please, join the movement.  there are so, so many ways you can get involved.


for more information, be sure to check out resolve’s pages on national infertility awareness week and information on infertility.  they really know their stuff!


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